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art, artists & gentrifcation 14 May 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Six students from local Camberwell College of Art put on an enterprising and innovative event in the Peckham Liberal Club last week. They exhibited their art work depicting in various ways their perceptions of the ‘state of current art practice and its relationship to wide ranging socio-political issues affecting society today’. This was followed by a question style panel debate chaired by Scott Pattinson one of the students and comprising Amelia Womack from the Green Party, Eileen Conn from Peckham Vision, Steven Ball co-author of the film documentary Concrete Heart Land about the devastating social impact of regeneration at the Elephant & Castle (, and Shelly Asquith, UAL Student Union President. This stimulated a good discussion about the impact of corporatism, large redevelopment schemes, the role of art and artists and the current state of the world. This led to a number of observations about the way it separates us from the living nature of existence in several ways. There was a very receptive audience who wanted more: “… a truly great evening – wish it could have been around for longer so that more Peckham residents could have seen it – fantastic work everyone – BRAVO!!!” There was also very welcome enthusiasm from the students to become more involved in local matters. We have agreed to collaborate with the students on follow up events.

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