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Bold Tendencies June-Sep 2014

This summer, artist and writer James Bridle is flying a balloon from the roof of Bold Tendencies,  a multi-storey car park and art space in Peckham, South London. Attached to the balloon will be a variety of payloads, from darknet routers to aerial cameras, with the results of its experiments shared publicly and online. The balloon, a large, military-grade helikite, ascends from a newly commissioned structure designed by London based architecture and design studio TDO, consisting of a rooftop hangar, workshop and exhibition space, where the project will be documented from June until September. ‘The Right to Flight’ takes its name from a treatise written by the Parisian photographer and balloonist Nadar in 1866.  It is open Tuesday – Friday 6pm – 11pm and Saturday – Sunday 11am – 11pm, from June 19th until September 21st. Read more See photo of the view from the balloon over the multi storey car park, Peckham Rye station and central Rye Lane, and photo of visitors viewing the return of the balloon to the car park roof.
IMG_2370 BT Right to Flight - opening    IMG_2362 BT Right to Flight - opening



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