Peckham Residents' Network

Welcome to this website, which displays messages posted on or emailed to people who live or work in Peckham, or have other interests in Peckham.

modelling Peckham Rye station site

Peckham Peculiar Issue3 out now. Page 3 story – ‘Remodelling Peckham Rye station’
**Community action group Peckham Vision is making a model of the Peckham Rye station area … to use during the upcoming co-design process… Around 30 people have set to work making a 1:100 scale model of the site that will measure 10 square feet. The station building will be the size of a loaf of bread, and the model will include part of Rye Lane and other nearby streets…**
see more:  If you are interested in taking part there is still time to join up. Email


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