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Theory of Everything auditions

Message from the Theory of Everything Theatre Company: Auditions – THE COMMUNITY CHORUS FOR The Theory of Everything’s TITUS at Bold Tendencies Car Park in Peckham.
Do you live or work in Peckham? Are you over 16 years of age? Do you love singing? Are you musical? Are you interested or skilled in theatre, music, beatboxing or singing? Do you want to expand your performance practice, learn new skills, use the ones you have and be part of an exciting new company? Then come and collaborate and perform in a thrilling theatrical experience this summer as part of the cast of TITUS! The first piece of theatre to be performed site-specifically at Bold Tendencies brilliant car park space in Peckham ( Theory of Everything is an energetic company, pulling together the most exciting young artists, and are looking to transport this astonishing Shakespearian text into a physically extraordinary, visceral urban dystopia. For more information on the company and to see the exciting trailer for TITUS go to We are casting for a community chorus to live score (and to take some named roles in) our production. It is an immersive site-specific and physically charged production, so will also involve audience interaction. We are looking to train all the company (whatever their speciality and background) in beatboxing, text and some parkour-inspired physicality.

Rehearsal times:
2 Evenings a week and one session a weekend starting from July 14th – August 24th 2014
Tech times: full days from 24th — 28th August 2014
Performances: evenings and matinee afternoons from August 28th – September 21st 2014
We will have some flexibility for rehearsals early on in the process but we are looking for a commitment to the company particularly in from the Tech time period. Performances run from Weds – Sun with two shows on Saturday and Sunday.

Auditions will take place for the 23rd of June 2014 onwards.
Please email with your contact details and we will get back to you with an audition date and time.
Please note that the audition we will require you to:
* sing a song, or exert from a song
* speak or read a piece or monologue (this does not have to be learned off by heart)
* bring along any other ‘party tricks’ or skills you have (eg dancing, beatboxing, parkour etc)



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