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Camberwell Illustration presents 27th June–5th July

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Posted by Eileen Conn · 21 June
Camberwell Illustration presents (at) In Place, Copeland Park, Peckham (on) 27th June–5th July
Private View 6pm–10pm Friday 27th June

In Copeland Park, on the 27th June 2014, over 50 Camberwell Illustration graduates present their external degree show, In Place. The exhibition will showcase a rich variety of works presenting the diverse application of Illustration today. Notions of community and place are central to the show which seeks to expand the definition of contemporary illustration, through individual works and the staging of the experience.

After having spent three years studying in Peckham, the graduates at the In Place external degree show use location to inform its content. Copeland Park is an area that supports creative endeavour in Peckham. In Place aims to celebrate this location bringing workshops talks and events to the surrounding community. The experience of Peckham will be celebrated and reflected throughout In Place.

The works at In Place will manifest themselves in a variety of forms. From printmaking to objects, comics to essays, the exhibition will explore and highlight the novel approaches to illustration displayed by the graduates of 2014. We will be exhibiting works that both compliment and further the established conventions of Illustration.

Throughout the week, In Place will host a variety of events including a purpose-built reference library, children’s workshops and a charity auction. In Place will also see local collaborations from within the community, ranging from music to juice.




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