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Young People and the Arts

Message from Peckham & Camberwell MP Harriet Harman’s office:
Following Harriet’s recent speech on ‘Young People and the Arts’ at the Roundtable in Camden, Labour has launched a policy consultation on the issue. To ensure that a generation of young people is not excluded from the arts and creative industries, Labour’s policy will include measures to ensure that every young person experiences artistic excellence and participates in cultural activity. The consultation will consider the following:
• What might be included in an offer to all young people in all communities throughout the country to participate in arts activity and experience culture at its best?
• What role might Ofsted play in ensuring high standards in creative learning?
• How to embed the arts into after-school clubs under Labour’s primary childcare guarantee?
• Should it be a clear condition for organisations receiving Arts Council funding to demonstrate how they will extend opportunities to young people and a commitment to publishing progress towards these objectives year on year?
• Should every local authority lead on developing a strategy for local arts and culture with a particular focus on the inclusion of young people?
You can read the consultation here and respond via the website




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