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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Summer Repair Clinic from 18 June

Summer Repair Clinic – Starts tomorrow, book now! Need to repair an item but need the know how or tools?
To book sessions:

Almost Another 50 Questions on the Gentrification of Peckham

Wanted: Almost Another 50 Questions on the Gentrification of Peckham
“Due to the general thumbs up we had for our Almost 50 Questions on the Gentrification of Peckham post, we are now seeking your own wise help in adding another ‘almost’ 50 questions’ to the list. Got something to say in the form of a question about the gentrification of Peckham? Let us know! Many thanks. Any question we use will remain anonymous. Email here:”


modelling Peckham Rye station site

Peckham Peculiar Issue3 out now. Page 3 story – ‘Remodelling Peckham Rye station’
**Community action group Peckham Vision is making a model of the Peckham Rye station area … to use during the upcoming co-design process… Around 30 people have set to work making a 1:100 scale model of the site that will measure 10 square feet. The station building will be the size of a loaf of bread, and the model will include part of Rye Lane and other nearby streets…**
see more:  If you are interested in taking part there is still time to join up. Email


Open Gardens Lyndhurst Sq, Peckham. Sun 22 June 2014

Sunday 22nd June (1.30pm – 5pm) in the Bellenden/Peckham neighbourhood.  Six Open Gardens in Lyndhurst Square, SE15 5AR.  Photo:
* Admission – Combined adm £7, children free (share to Terrence Higgins Trust & CoolTan Arts).
* In 2013 these events raised £2,128 for nursing and caring charities.
* Refreshments – Home-made teas at No 4.
Six very attractive gardens open in this small, elegant square of 1840s listed villas. Each approx 90ft x 50ft has its own shape and style as the Square curves in a U shape.   Read more:


Bold Tendencies June-Sep 2014

This summer, artist and writer James Bridle is flying a balloon from the roof of Bold Tendencies,  a multi-storey car park and art space in Peckham, South London. Attached to the balloon will be a variety of payloads, from darknet routers to aerial cameras, with the results of its experiments shared publicly and online. The balloon, a large, military-grade helikite, ascends from a newly commissioned structure designed by London based architecture and design studio TDO, consisting of a rooftop hangar, workshop and exhibition space, where the project will be documented from June until September. ‘The Right to Flight’ takes its name from a treatise written by the Parisian photographer and balloonist Nadar in 1866.  It is open Tuesday – Friday 6pm – 11pm and Saturday – Sunday 11am – 11pm, from June 19th until September 21st. Read more See photo of the view from the balloon over the multi storey car park, Peckham Rye station and central Rye Lane, and photo of visitors viewing the return of the balloon to the car park roof.
IMG_2370 BT Right to Flight - opening    IMG_2362 BT Right to Flight - opening


Past, Present & Futures of the High Street report June 2014

New interesting academic research report: Past, Present & Futures of the High Street –  supports the need for a new approach to developments in Peckham town centre. It says there is “a failure to understand the complex … roles played by high streets”.
The organic change and self regeneration in Rye Lane, including the Peckham Rye Station Gateway site, is part of this dynamic and needs to be better understood to get the right approach to developments. The report quotes recent research by LSE’s Suzanne Hall into Rye Lane: “while the Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford hosts 300 businesses and has created 8,500 jobs, Rye Lane has 2,100 businesses and 13,400 jobs. However, despite their economic contribution places such as Rye Lane are almost always represented as being in deficit, requiring redevelopment. Their role as skills incubators and generators of value are not taken into account. Rye Lane is home to a mix of traders, ranging from the long-term to the recently arrived, and the variety of space available within this structure allows people to establish and grow businesses, develop contacts and skills, and find a place in the economy of the city.”
Some of the Peckham dynamic is described here:


Summer Repair Clinic 19 June – 4 July

Do you have an item at home that you wish you could repair but you don’t have access to the right tools or knowhow? The Summer Repair Clinic is the solution to this problem. From 19th June – 4th July this experimental project by Peckham design company, Complete Departure Ltd (off Bellenden Rd near Blenheim Grove) will share their facilities and knowledge with local people. You can book a 1 to 2 hour session and can work with plastic, metal, wood, leather, or ceramic; with the expert guidance, and choose how much input you ‘d like to have in the repair process. At the end of your session, you donate what you think the repair and your learning experience are worth. To see the studio’s work go to   To book sessions:


*Open at the Arches* 20-22 June 2014

*Open at the Arches*
Fri June 20 SUMMER OPEN WEEKEND PV 6pm-9pm
Sat June 21 SUMMER OPEN WEEKEND 11am-6pm
Sun June 22 SUMMER OPEN WEEKEND 11am-5pm
Behind Peckham Rye Station, before the end of Blenheim Grove turn right, through the railway arch and into Blenheim Court. Here, you will be surprised to find a thriving creative hub of cabinet makers, ceramiscists, painters, sculptors, jewellery makers, a guitar maker and even a forge.  The recently published Planning Inspector’s PNAAP Hearing report has supported the campaign to retain the Arches Studios; see pages 31-33 here:


Harriet Harman MP meets Network Rail

Harriet Harman MP has just met senior Network Rail people about Peckham Rye Station Gateway project. Here is her report to her mailing list: “I had a useful meeting with Dave Ward (Route Managing Director, South East), Tom Higginson (Property Team) and Adam Love (Communications Team) from Network Rail on the 10th June 2014. They assured me that the ‘January’ plans are no longer on the table and supported extending the period of public consultation in order to allow for community engagement through a process of ‘co-design’. I have asked for a timeline of the consultation and the project as a whole, and for contact details of the various consultants involved in the co-design process. I will let you know when I get these. With regard to Dovedale Court, they won’t be taking any further action on this until there’s further progress on plans for the front and sides of the station. Do keep in touch and let me know your views on this important issue. Best wishes, Harriet.”  email:

Sunday 15 June 2-4pm Ronald Mcdonald House Camberwell, 6-9 Windsor Walk

Here is info about an event this coming Sunday in a very important building for sick children and their families attached to our local hospital Kings College on Denmark Hill:  Ronald Mcdonald House Camberwell, 6-9 Windsor Walk, SE5 8BB | Sunday 15th June | 2-4pm
The event is organised by Camberwell Arts. They say: “We are pleased to invite you to our 20th anniversary tea party – hosted in partnership with inspirational local charity Ronald Mcdonald House Camberwell. Join us on Sunday 15th June from 2-4pm for art, cake and party games – and find out more about this ‘home from home’ for families with children being treated at Kings College Hospital.