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Tomorrow WED 23 July 2014 – beginning of co-design

Peckham Vision Community Public Event – all welcome.
Take this opportunity to see the town centre model, and start contributing to the co-design process… come and get involved, help shape the future

on WEDNESDAY 23rd July @ CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane.

* display of the community-built town centre model, creative activities & exhibition.
* Nick Cobb, model builder & photographer, working on his new model as a demonstration.
* Screening of Bleacher on the Rye at 6pm.

* short illustrated talks on the townscape and buildings, and the model making.
* Cany Ash, official consultant, talking on the co-design process.
* Open Forum – what do you want the co-design process to cover?

IMG_2297 PV model making 17-06-2014


drop in for as short or as long as you wish:

* See how our familiar town centre has been hand crafted for the model by local residents – new and experienced model makers – to create the town centre model; hands-on practise on offer in the afternoon exhibition.

* Nick Cobb, noted model builder and photographer, working on a new model of his own during the exhibition as a practical demonstration:

* Special models for children’s hands-on activities, and other materials for all ages to practise something if they wish.

* Latest information about the plans for Peckham Rye Station area and the rest of the town centre.

* Express your thoughts about the Peckham Rye Station Gateway development and its effect on the town centre – questions, ideas, suggestions – to feed into the co-design consultation.

* The screening of the film Bleacher on the Rye will be 6-6.30pm; this is a work-in-progress documentary about the community and the Station Gateway project, produced by Spectacle Blog:


* Short slide shows of the townscape and buildings in the area around the station and their history, and personal accounts of the model making exercise.

* Cany Ash and the consultants’ team will let us know more about the co-design process, and will be in ‘listening’ mode.

* Open Forum to say what you think should be covered by the co-design process and how it can bring out the key issues for the right approach to the improvement of the area around Peckham Rye Station.

* for the community event on Wednesday go to:
* for the official co-design process go to:
* for Peckham Vision:

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