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Successful model launch & community celebration

Thanks to everyone who came to the model launch + celebration of wonderful community collaboration. Locals queued before 3pm for the doors to open, and then we were kept very busy throughout and the meeting at 7pm was packed. Just recovering now from all the exertions as a 100% volunteer effort to get it ready and manage the day itself. Seemed a great buzz and we managed to attract people in from the street through our TODAY posters at the entrance and pictures along the passage into the Bussey building.

If you were there for any part of it, it would be really appreciated if we get some feedback. Below are the questions that were on the feedback form that in the crush you probably didn’t see. No need to answer them as questions. But you might find some of them useful as headings if you would like to give us some feedback.  You can give the feedback as comments here on Facebook or by email to


How did you find out about the event, if you can remember? ie
leaflet/flyer/Poster, local press, Email, Word of mouth, Website, Twitter/Facebook

What part(s) of the event did you attend?
* Exhibition in the afternoon
* Bleacher on the Rye film
* Community Public Meeting

What was it about the event that made you want to attend?

Did you achieve what you wanted by attending the event?

What did you enjoy about the event?

What did you not enjoy as much about the event?

Has attending encouraged you to take an interest in:
* model making
* Station Gateway development
* Peckham town centre matters

Any other comments?



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