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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Protect Peckham’s rooftop views

From –

* “A stone’s throw from the station, you can’t help but fall in love with the view of London’s skyline” – Rooftop Cinema in Peckham’s Bussey Building –
* “Where else offers 360 degree views of the city?” – Evening Standard on Peckham, April 2014 –
If you agree, please sign the petition:   More info: –


Protect Peckham’s rooftop views

From-  A local campaign to protect Peckham’s rooftop views has just begun. See info here: Sign the petition here:  The Council wants to encourage development of a 20 storey building in front of the view from Frank’s Café, Bold Tendencies and the Bussey Building. The campaign is organised by the Peckham Planning Network (PPN), which is made up of local groups & businesses, and individuals who live or work in or near Peckham, who worked together in responding to the Public Hearings into the Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP). Peckham Vision was a founder member and continues to facilitate the PPN. Further information:
* on previous planning work:
* on planning issues relating to the multi-storey car park and the Peckham rooftop views:


CoDesign map for comments

From –  Give your ideas/comments about the area around the station. Visit the map: This is a really good way to marshal your thoughts and get them into the CoDesign process. You can do it on lots of points at once, or bit by bit. Start now by visiting the map and having a look at other ideas and comments.

CoDesign shop nearly ready 29 August 2014

From Peckham CoDesign on Twitter: Work is nearly finished on the CoDesign SHOP. Really looking forward to getting started next week. Come and say hello.


PeckhamCoDesign events programme rescheduled from 3 September

From  :  Message on the PeckhamCoDesign website, : Hello CoDesigners! – First of all, thank you to everyone who made it to our launch event last week. It was great to see you. Today (27/08/14), was to be our first workshop in the CoDesign SHOP to the left of the station, but some technical problems have meant that we can’t get access to the space until next week. Instead we are out and about in Peckham, chatting to everyone. If you know of anyone who’d like a visit from our CoDesign BIKE please get in touch. We are keen to talk to as many people as possible:  We are rescheduling the programme to begin in the CoDesign SHOP next week, starting with a drop-in lunchtime session on Wednesday 3rd September from 12 noon to 2.30pm. We will continue to update you with what’s happening on here as well as via posters that will be put up around the station. Look forward to seeing you over the next few days in Peckham/next week at a workshop!

Stages and timescale for the PeckhamCoDesign process from August 2014

The stages and timescale for the PeckhamCoDesign process are described in 7 stages on: From that a possible timescale appears to be like this:

* Stages 1-3: collection of community information & contributions – August to 17th October.

* Stages 4-5: drafting & receiving public comments on the ‘aspirations ATLAS’, and its delivery to Southwark Council, GLA, Network Rail – October to November/December?

* Stages 6 -7: appointment of architects and development & public consultation on detailed proposals – December to ??

The planning application would follow this. There is no indication yet if this has to be submitted by a particular timescale. Confirmation of this approximate timescale has been sought from the Ash Sakula team.

Further information & comment on Peckham Vision website.



PeckhamCoDesign – how to keep informed and take part 25 August 2014

The new consultation process is deeper and wider than previously, but the main period for contributing to the shaping of the thinking is scheduled to be completed in 7 weeks, by 17th October 2014. So it is essential to link in now by one or more of the following methods to keep up to date on how to get involved:

* Follow on Facebook:

* Follow on twitter:

* Keep tabs on developing news on

* Sign up as a CoDesigner:

* Contact the team: OR email –

Further information & comment on Peckham Vision website.

CoDesign process structure and timescale emerges 20 August 2014

The main period for contributing to the thinking for the best ways to develop the station area, will be a short intense period of 7 weeks from 27 August to 17 October.  To contribute to this important shaping of the development, it will be essential to take part in this next 7 weeks in some way.  The Peckham CoDesign team are organising a programme of events – – for the participation of as many people as possible.  So if you want to do this, keep track of the programme of events.  The overall pattern for the events will be on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday each week. They will include regular Breakfast Clubs, Working Lunches, Peckham Treasure Hunts, and Workshops, all on a variety of topics and different venues. The CoDesign shop will be open to drop in at the station forecourt on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Details of these events are appearing in the programme of events – Everyone is invited to take part in all or any of them.

The purpose of the whole CoDesign process is said to be: ‘to address aspirations for the wider area surrounding Peckham Rye Station and focus on the station forecourt with view of developing more detailed DESIGN BRIEF for this space, [and to] … ask the community to help uncover what should a public square in Peckham be like?’ 

Further info on this is being posted on the Peckham Vision website – as it becomes clearer how the process will work. In the meantime, if you have any queries, post them to the CoDesign team on their website:

CoDesign website now live for the launch 20 August 2014

Tomorrow Wednesday 20 August 6-8pm on the top floor of the multi storey car park is the launch of PeckhamCoDesign. Their website is now live – with lots of info about the forthcoming process – . If you want to contribute to the thinking for the future plans for the Peckham Rye station area, make sure you take part in some way.

Economic & Townscape context for CoDesign

The PeckhamCoDesign process will be launched next week on 20 August 6pm Frank’s Café. Following that official opening there will be drop-ins, workshops, talks, outdoor exercises and maybe more. One of the difficulties with the plans presented last January by Network Rail is that they seemed to take little account if any of the station’s context.  That is: the old historical physical buildings being reused for new purposes; the public street dynamics; the social activities and relationships of shoppers, residents, workers, small businesses; new economic and commercial opportunities rising through the cultural enterprise taking root in the area; and the dynamics of that whole mix.

Peckham Vision has worked in this area on the ground and mapped and charted the detail of some of these aspects, their potential and their changes over the last several years. The results of that work provide some useful background for the PeckhamCoDesign process and workshops. They are summarised in these simple display posters and maps from our mobile exhibition:
* Peckham Rye station in its social, economic and physical street context:
* an integrated approach to planning land use around the station in Rye Lane
* the dynamics of central Peckham’s cultural ‘hotspot’
The big Question the CoDesign Process needs to try to answer is whether the now conventioanl post-war regeneration approach of demolition + new build is damaging when the area has already begun to self regenerate, as this location has.

IMG_2982   Masterplan 20-Mar-14 nopaths - lo res
Peckham's Cultural Hotspot - lo res