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Economic & Townscape context for CoDesign

The PeckhamCoDesign process will be launched next week on 20 August 6pm Frank’s Café. Following that official opening there will be drop-ins, workshops, talks, outdoor exercises and maybe more. One of the difficulties with the plans presented last January by Network Rail is that they seemed to take little account if any of the station’s context.  That is: the old historical physical buildings being reused for new purposes; the public street dynamics; the social activities and relationships of shoppers, residents, workers, small businesses; new economic and commercial opportunities rising through the cultural enterprise taking root in the area; and the dynamics of that whole mix.

Peckham Vision has worked in this area on the ground and mapped and charted the detail of some of these aspects, their potential and their changes over the last several years. The results of that work provide some useful background for the PeckhamCoDesign process and workshops. They are summarised in these simple display posters and maps from our mobile exhibition:
* Peckham Rye station in its social, economic and physical street context:
* an integrated approach to planning land use around the station in Rye Lane
* the dynamics of central Peckham’s cultural ‘hotspot’
The big Question the CoDesign Process needs to try to answer is whether the now conventioanl post-war regeneration approach of demolition + new build is damaging when the area has already begun to self regenerate, as this location has.

IMG_2982   Masterplan 20-Mar-14 nopaths - lo res
Peckham's Cultural Hotspot - lo res

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