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CoDesign process structure and timescale emerges 20 August 2014

The main period for contributing to the thinking for the best ways to develop the station area, will be a short intense period of 7 weeks from 27 August to 17 October.  To contribute to this important shaping of the development, it will be essential to take part in this next 7 weeks in some way.  The Peckham CoDesign team are organising a programme of events – – for the participation of as many people as possible.  So if you want to do this, keep track of the programme of events.  The overall pattern for the events will be on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday each week. They will include regular Breakfast Clubs, Working Lunches, Peckham Treasure Hunts, and Workshops, all on a variety of topics and different venues. The CoDesign shop will be open to drop in at the station forecourt on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Details of these events are appearing in the programme of events – Everyone is invited to take part in all or any of them.

The purpose of the whole CoDesign process is said to be: ‘to address aspirations for the wider area surrounding Peckham Rye Station and focus on the station forecourt with view of developing more detailed DESIGN BRIEF for this space, [and to] … ask the community to help uncover what should a public square in Peckham be like?’ 

Further info on this is being posted on the Peckham Vision website – as it becomes clearer how the process will work. In the meantime, if you have any queries, post them to the CoDesign team on their website:


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