Peckham Residents' Network

Welcome to this website, which displays messages posted on or emailed to people who live or work in Peckham, or have other interests in Peckham.

Protect Peckham’s rooftop views

From-  A local campaign to protect Peckham’s rooftop views has just begun. See info here: Sign the petition here:  The Council wants to encourage development of a 20 storey building in front of the view from Frank’s Café, Bold Tendencies and the Bussey Building. The campaign is organised by the Peckham Planning Network (PPN), which is made up of local groups & businesses, and individuals who live or work in or near Peckham, who worked together in responding to the Public Hearings into the Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP). Peckham Vision was a founder member and continues to facilitate the PPN. Further information:
* on previous planning work:
* on planning issues relating to the multi-storey car park and the Peckham rooftop views:


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