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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Protect Peckham’s rooftop views

Late season visitors to Frank’s Café & Campari Bar. Last chance for a rooftop drink with a spectacular view this weekend!  Please share the petition so we can reach 1,000 signatures by the end of the weekend. If you’re on Twitter then you can follow for further updates.

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Public toilets in the station development

At last! Discussion about public toilets for Rye Lane in the area around Peckham Rye station. CoDesign covered the topic yesterday in the CoDesign shop drop in. This is the result of the local public toilets petition last year with over 4000 signatures. See : This is an important topic for the future design of the station. So if you have any ideas don’t forget to get them in.  Public toilets are vital components in creating sustainable, accessible, inclusive cities. Badly run, public toilets can be transmitters of disease. But public toilets are essential as contributors to the health and well-being of society; see research reports: This is a national issue: Can Peckham show how to do it well?

Nick Cobb’s amazing model of multistorey car park in 2114

Come and see Nick Cobb’s amazing model of Peckham’s now famous multi-storey car park set 100 years in the future: 22-25 Sep. Private view 23 Sep 6.30-9pm. Nick says: “After an unexplained apocalyptic event Peckham and presumably London beyond is in ruins. A hundred years has passed and survivors have returned to the city to live and scavenge. But all is well with a cheery scene of blossoming cherry trees in spring depicted.”
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Peckham’s rooftop views

From 500 people have already signed to protect ‘s rooftop view from being blocked by a 20-storey tower. 

Protect Peckham’s rooftop views petition

From Peckham Vision Facebook: We collected many signatures at the Peckham Rye Fete for the petition to Protect Peckham’s rooftop views. We need many more signatures. So please:

* Sign the petition here:

* See Peckham rooftop views here:

* See Planning background here:

* send these links to your friends.

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CoDesign discussions at Peckham Rye Fete 6 Sep

From Peckham Vision Facebook: At the Fete, on Sat 6 Sep, we shared experiences of the Peckham CoDesign process. Realising there are just 6 weeks for everyone to make their contributions to shape what happens around Peckham Rye station, we discussed how we can all help to get this message across. So please pass on the information in this post to all you know who have an interest in Peckham’s future. This includes encouraging everyone:

* to visit the PeckhamCoDesign SHOP by the entrance to Peckham Rye Station. Open each week: – Wednesday 9:30am-7pm; followed by Events/Workshop usually 7-10pm. – Friday 7:30am-4pm; followed by Events/Workshop usually 4-7pm. – Saturday 10am-5pm

* to take part in a workshop; see the programme here: Weekly events will also be advertised in the CoDesign SHOP windows.

* to put ideas, suggestions and comments on the map here:

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Peckham Vision at PeckhamRye Fete 6 Sep 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: More visitors than ever at the Peckham Rye Fete on Saturday. Non stop conversations all day at the Peckham Vision stall about Peckham town centre, Station development, living in Peckham, the Peckham community spirit and much more.

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Protect Peckham’s rooftop views sign petition @ Peckham Rye Fete Sat 6 Sep

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Protect Peckham’s rooftop views – sign the petition at Peckham Vision’s stall on SATURDAY 6th SEP: at the community fete at Peckham Rye Common (near the Cafe), from noon to 5pm. Look for the big poster, copy attached.  Come and discuss why we need to protect the views. Hear about the ideas for converting the multi storey car park into a permanent cultural centre, and how the Bussey Building is already evolving into a new form of cultural centre. Each has potential for increasing even more their attractions for thousands of visitors boosting Peckham’s local economy for small businesses and jobs and skills for local people.
Protect Pkm's rooftop views - lo2


Sat 6 Sep Peckham Rye Fete: discussion abt CoDesign

SATURDAY 6th SEP: most enjoyable annual summer fete at Peckham Rye Common (near the Cafe), from noon to 5pm. Peckham Vision’s stall will have info about a variety of town centre issues and developments. This year we also have a special drop-in discussion tent about how the Peckham CoDesign process is working. Look for the big poster, copy attached. If you have any questions or views about the process and the developments come & catch up on all the happenings, discuss them with other locals, and see how you can get involved.

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Peckham Vision News email September 2014

In spite of the summer holidays, there’s quite a bit of news – including the Peckham CoDesign process, and two new campaigns in the town centre: Protect Peckham rooftop views, and Bring back the Lido. So apologies for the amount of information, but hope you find it useful. Read more of this post