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CoDesign discussions at Peckham Rye Fete 6 Sep

From Peckham Vision Facebook: At the Fete, on Sat 6 Sep, we shared experiences of the Peckham CoDesign process. Realising there are just 6 weeks for everyone to make their contributions to shape what happens around Peckham Rye station, we discussed how we can all help to get this message across. So please pass on the information in this post to all you know who have an interest in Peckham’s future. This includes encouraging everyone:

* to visit the PeckhamCoDesign SHOP by the entrance to Peckham Rye Station. Open each week: – Wednesday 9:30am-7pm; followed by Events/Workshop usually 7-10pm. – Friday 7:30am-4pm; followed by Events/Workshop usually 4-7pm. – Saturday 10am-5pm

* to take part in a workshop; see the programme here: Weekly events will also be advertised in the CoDesign SHOP windows.

* to put ideas, suggestions and comments on the map here:

IMG_3461   IMG_3493


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