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Art Deco cluster – issues

Do you want the Art Deco quarter around the station to be part of the area when the improvements to the station front are completed? If you do, it is essential that you register that with the CoDesign process TODAY or TOMORROW. The response to the posts on the Art Deco buildings indicates that the idea of an Art Deco cluster in Rye Lane is attractive. Some people have said they would like to have the station arcade preserved as part of that. If that does not succeed because of the plan to demolish it to create an open square, there is still a strong case for the preservation of the other Art Deco buildings around the station as a key part of the Art Deco quarter. If that is your view it is essential to put that idea in to CoDesign.The already restored building at 12-16 Blenheim Grove, which houses the Peckham Refreshment Rooms and The Sunday Painter, is protected as a result of the decisions taken last February after the Harriet Harman MP intervention. An additional point in favour of keeping the Art Deco buildings in Blenheim Grove and Holly Grove is that they are in very good proportion to the listed station building. The size and shape fit very well into central Rye Lane. Keeping that integrity makes great sense. Email your views to;and tweet @PeckhamCoDesign  See the comments discussion on Facebook
IMG_1780 Iceland     IMG_1799 - 82 RL
IMG_1796 - 2-10 BG + 82 RL     IMG_0897 - 12-16 BG

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