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Peckham Vision with the Peckham Society – Central Peckham Update

Following on from last week’s successful exhibition, we now present the second of our community  public events in the Bussey, room B1.1 entrance in 133, Rye Lane, opposite Blenheim Grove; follow  directions on the wall. Lift to studio on first floor.

From 4.00pm:   Interactive exhibition featuring the community built model of central Rye Lane  around the station, and Nicholas Cobb’s dystopian model of the multi storey car park. Illustrations  to help people see different ways of improving the area, will also be on show.

7pm to 9pm:     Public Forum: the Peckham Society’s annual symposium with illustrated  presentations by our long-standing local contributors Eileen Conn and Benedict O’Looney. The  Council’s Peckham CoDesign team will be bringing the latest news on the station developments.

More info:

If you would like to know more about helping with the work of Peckham Vision, please come and  give a hand from 4pm on Thursday. It’s a good way to discover how to help.

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Peckham Vision October News

Peckham Vision October News : – round up of current important happenings.

Thursday 16th October 4-9pm community public event in Bussey

Thursday 16th October – Drop in between 4pm and 7pm to visit the exhibition: – a large scale model of the area around the station, a dystopian model of the multi storey car park, with lots of illustrations of different ways of improving the area. Come at 7-9pm for the public forum with stimulating presentations on a range of topical town centre issues.

PV PS event in Bussey

future of multi storey car park

The Council own the Multi Storey Car Park and had planned to sell it for redevelopment. But after representations by local people at Public Hearings in July 2013, the Government Planning Inspector said that he was not satisfied that the Council’s plan for redevelopment “has been adequately justified by the evidence base. I conclude that the PNAAP is unsound in this regard and that the Council has much work to do in order to finalise a properly substantiated proposal for this site. The pending preparation of the borough-wide New Southwark Plan provides an opportunity for this to be tackled.”
IMG_9389 adj 2400 t+FB     IMG_9381 adj 2400 t+FB

This means that there now needs to be a thorough reassessment of the ways the building could be adapted or converted for other uses, without demolition. The building is a very strong and resilient structure. It would be quite likely to survive a cataclysmic event as imagined in Nick Cobb’s dystopian model.
We need to encourage the Council and everyone to think widely and laterally about the way it could be reused. Come and give your views at the exhibition on Thursday 16th October from 4pm, when you can see the Nick Cobb model. The attached pictures show the model of the car park as it is (built by Paloma Gormley) and which was displayed at the Bold Tendencies exhibition last year. It is an attractive building and not much like usual car parks.What do you think of it as a building? Have you come across any reports of car park structures being converted into other uses? We need to find any successful conversions to contribute to the thinking about the future for this one in Peckham.

7th October Nick Cobb’s dystopian model

Nick Cobb’s dystopian vision of the multi storey car park after a future unknown cataclysmic event will be on display again on Thursday 16th October this week at the public community event in Peckham Vision’s new exhibition studio space in the Bussey Building. It’s an extra reason to drop in from 4pm or to come to the public forum for 7pm. IMG_3870     IMG_3865

7th October community public event in Bussey

Thanks everyone who came to our model event in our new temporary studio space! Fabulous success for community discussion + engagement. We hope to open up some ad hoc times when we can get the diary clearer, and will publicise. But make sure you have next week Thursday 16th October in your diary. Exhibition open from 4pm and session with slideshow 7-9pm. Refreshments from CLF Art Café on same floor across the corridor! For more info –


Tues 7th October 6-9pm Reimagining Peckham Rye station

The community model of the Peckham Rye station area is on show again – come and see it on Tuesday 7th October in Peckham Vision’s new temporary exhibition studio space.

Use the model to test your ideas or questions about the station redevelopment ideas, about creating a square, where to locate public toilets, how to keep the area cleaner and better maintained, how to improve it for pedestrians and for bus and train travellers, how to encourage a variety of shops and services to meet the diversity of local needs, and much more… Drop in or stay for the whole session.


PECKHAM VISION NEWS – Update on CoDesign


* Have you given your ideas or your views about what you would like to see happen to the buildings
around the station? There are just three weeks left, so it is really important to get your contribution
in as soon as possible. Visit the CoDesign team ( at the station
or email them <>

* Do you need to discuss your thoughts with other local people before you form your views? We
have now been able to arrange some events for this. We can offer this because of the kind donation
by Copeland Park of the use of a large studio space in the Bussey Building suitable for exhibitions
and public meetings. For October, it will enable us to display the community model which we
launched in July to help people think about the buildings and the public spaces. We hope it will be a
place where local people will come to explore and discuss with each other what they think about
town centre developments.   Read more of this post