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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Peckham Vision News – CoDesign: Urgent Action for comments

PECKHAM VISION NEWS – CoDesign: Urgent Action for comments

* An ‘Atlas of Aspirations’ is being prepared by the Council’s CoDesign consultants Ash Sakula,
summarising ‘outcomes and findings’ of the CoDesign process.
* The draft Atlas is here: Deadline for Comments is WED 5th NOVEMBER.
* Ash Sakula will submit the Atlas to Southwark Council at the end of this week. They say:
“”We need YOU…to give us feedback on the DRAFT ASPIRATIONS. Email us with your top 10
Aspirations from the list. If you feel that any Aspirations are not clear enough or that there are any
Aspirations that have not been represented then please email with your comments and feedback.””
* The Council’s consultants will be giving an update to the Peckham Community Council on Monday
10th November 7pm at Peckham Academy. Agenda:  Read more of this post