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Multi storey car park – Council research needed Dec 2014

From Peckham Peculiar: :

The multi-storey car park turned cultural hub on Rye Lane has been saved from redevelopment – for now. A government inspector declared that Southwark Council’s plans to demolish and redevelop the car park and cinema were unsound, adding that the council had “much work to do to finalise a properly substantiated proposal for the site”.

But the Council have made no proposals for that work. There needs to be a thorough reassessment of the ways the building could be adapted or converted for other uses, without demolition. It is now part of our local history. There is a strong case for its conservation and adaptation. However, in the Council’s draft of the New Southwark Plan, ( just published for consultation (until 6 March 2015), the cinema/multi storey car park site is simply listed in the schedule of development sites without any indication that the Inspector recommended further research into its capacity for adaptation or conversion for other uses, during work on the New Southwark Plan (NSP). It is essential that how this research will be carried out is discussed during the consultation period on the NSP.

Please ask your ward councillors for the Council’s proposals for this research, so they can be discussed during the consultation. Find your ward councillors here:

More info on the issues here:


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