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Monthly Archives: February 2015

January – February 2015 key topics

This is a brief update on some of the action topics during January and February. For more information on the topics, visit Facebook posts from beginning January 2015:

Some key topics have been

* redesigning Peckham town square

* Disruption of train services from London Bridge

* London Housing crisis

* Peckham Coal Line

* New Southwark Plan consultation, including concern about policy for more tall buildings in Peckham Town centre

* Campaign to protect rooftop view from obstruction by tall building on Morrison’s car park

* New Peckham Vision shop at 135a Rye Lane in the revived Holdron’s arcade.

* Campaign to Save Southwark Woods

* Appointment of Landolt & Brown as new co-design architects for the Station new square

* Improvements around Queen’s Rd station


Old Kent Rd future: meeting 11 Feb 6.30pm

Hi to those on PRN email list in north Peckham

There is an important Council planning meeting today (Wed 11th) about the future of the Old Kent
Road –

Date: Wednesday 11th February – 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
Venue: Treasure House, @ former Livesey Museum, 682 Old Kent Rd, SE15 1JF.

If you have an interest in the Old Kent Rd future, it will be worthwhile getting on to the council’s
Planning mailing list for this, email:

Rooftop Views Deputation & CoDesign developments 7th Feb 3pm. Peckham Vision News Feb 2015


* Protecting Peckham’s Rooftop Views: residents present the petition to the Council tomorrow
SATURDAY – please come, your support is needed.
* Peckham Rye Station developments: Councillors report on new architects tomorrow SATURDAY –
ask questions about the brief.
* Peckham (‘town’) Square CoDesign: comments about the Square (beside Peckham Library)
needed urgently by email.

PLEASE READ ON for details
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