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Rooftop Views Deputation & CoDesign developments 7th Feb 3pm. Peckham Vision News Feb 2015


* Protecting Peckham’s Rooftop Views: residents present the petition to the Council tomorrow
SATURDAY – please come, your support is needed.
* Peckham Rye Station developments: Councillors report on new architects tomorrow SATURDAY –
ask questions about the brief.
* Peckham (‘town’) Square CoDesign: comments about the Square (beside Peckham Library)
needed urgently by email.

PLEASE READ ON for details

* Can you spare an hour TOMORROW on Saturday afternoon to support the deputation? Please
come to support the presentation of the petition at the:

Peckham & Nunhead Community Council on
SATURDAY 7th February at 3.00pm, in
the Damilola Taylor Centre, 1 East Surrey Grove,
off Commercial Way, near Southampton Way.

* We need as many supporters as possible to show the importance of an integrated approach to
planning key aspects of the town centre. Ward councillors do sometimes listen if they know enough
local people are seriously taking a watchful interest in planning matters.

* Please sign & share the link to the petition:

* Presenting the petition is the next stage in the campaign to protect Peckham’s view seen from the
rooftops of the Bussey building and the cinema/multi-storey car park building, while the future uses
of the car park building are being examined.


The CoDesign process starts again. We have just heard that the appointment of the architects will
be on the agenda at the Community Council TOMORROW (Saturday). It has been reported that
they are Landolt & Brown:

There are three stages proposed: to work out the design brief, then to design the square and what
will happen on the corner of Blenheim Grove and possibly Holly Grove, and then submission of a
planning application, possibly in June or July.

We have heard that Network Rail are working separately on plans for the station building itself, the
access to the platforms, the area behind the station (Dovedale Court), and the arches opposite the
station, east of Rye Lane. None of those buildings were included in the CoDesign process. It was
the wrong plans for those buildings which last year stopped the original Network Rail plans, and
created the opportunity for a fresh look through a new ‘CoDesign’ process.

Recent news of Network Rail developments in neighbouring Brixton arches show that Network Rail
intends to clear out successful well established businesses in the arches there: see links to that
story here: Also, it appears that the leaseholders of the Holly Grove buildings
are developing plans for tall buildings there. So the high hopes a year ago, of CoDesign producing
an overall conceptual plan with the right approach across the site, appear to have been unfulfilled.

If you have any questions about the CoDesign process and the plans for the station developments
come to the meeting TOMORROW to ask them there.

Yes another one – this time the square between Peckham Pulse, Library and High Street. They say
“”it is a project commissioned by Southwark Council to envision a better future for Peckham
Square. We want to hear what you think of the square as it is, and how you think we could work
together to improve it.””   You can see more here:
* and

There have been two workshops and you can see more info on them here:

There will be a final workshop around the end of February. It is really important for anyone who uses
the Square to get their views in asap before then. You can put questions or your views to the
architects by email –

To keep up with what happens next watch the news on our Facebook and twitter pages (no need to
have an account, just click and remove any screen asking you to register or log on):


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