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Monthly Archives: April 2015

community safety and crime 30 April 2014

Everyone is invited to a dialogue about community safety and crime in our borough on Thursday 30th April 6-8.30pm at Cambridge House, 1 Addington Square, SE5. See flyer.
This is arranged by the Southwark Safer Neighbourhood Board which is led by community representatives. The Board members are representatives of local community groups, the Council, police and other relevant public service bodies. They meet regularly to discuss policing, crime and community safety. They also have a small budget to support community projects that address key issues for the borough. This event is part of one such project. If you have any interest in these topics and/or the role of the community in contributing to the solutions, this would be a good meeting to go to.

30 April 2015 SSNB - EPE


General Election – Question the candidates 30th April

Journalist Zoe Williams chairs a chance to question your candidates for MP for Camberwell and Peckham before you vote in the election. Here 30th April – doors 6.30 for 7.30 start. Current MP Harriet Harman is confirmed, as are at least seven other candidates, including Amelia Womack Green Party, Yahaya Kiyingi Liberal Democrats, Naomi Newstead Conservative Party and Rebecca Fox National Health Action Party. No need to book for hustings on Thurs 30th, it’s free, open to all, just turn up. But come early to secure a seat! Doors and bar open 6.30pm. More info and any queries here:

how to vote for none of the candidates

A lot of people don’t vote in elections because they feel there is no real difference between the political parties, or that none of them represent our views or that the whole system is not in a good state or for other reasons. But it was a long hard struggle over centuries to win the right to vote. In many parts of the world, some still can’t vote and some die for it. So it is really important to vote to keep our democracy alive. And you can do that NOW without voting for anyone, and getting that vote counted! All you have to do is write on the ballot ‘none of them’.

This deliberate action creates a ‘spoilt’ vote. All spoilt ballot papers are counted and published. If the number of spoilt papers increases significantly, it sends a message that things need to change, and the elected candidate should find new ways to link with and work with constituents between elections.

On 7th May, vote for your preferred candidates or party. But if they are not your choice, vote for ‘none of them’. Let’s all vote for democracy!

As well as exercising your vote in the forthcoming election, you can support the NOTA campaign: NOTA campaigns for an official ‘none of the above’ choice on the ballot paper in future. Increasing the numbers of deliberate spoilt papers now will support the NOTA campaign.

Peckham interfaith walk Saturday 25th April 10am-4pm

Our next inter faith walk will be on Saturday 25th April in Peckham town centre from 10am to 4pm. You can join and leave when you need to – see the attached maps with approx times for the different stages of the walk.
We will visit churches and mosques and at the stops we will have a short talk from speakers from several different traditions – Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Bahai, Humanist. This walk is open to all people of faith or no faith. It touches on a vital part of the lives of many of our fellow citizens. Last time a couple of years ago
( we had an interesting look at our town centre from this different perspective. Do come and join us if you can.

Interfaith walk 2015 -detail

Slides from Council consultants 16 April 2015

Here are the slides from the Council’s Landolt & Brown 2nd workshop session on 16th April:
These give important details about Network Rail’s plans for the platform lifts, and Landolt & Brown’s ideas for the building on the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane, and the locations for public toilets. Also explains the complicated links between Platform 3 support and the Arcade building. Definitely worth taking a look at their short summary and some of the slides.

highlights from Station workshop 16 April 2015

The Council’s consultants Landolt & Brown reported at their workshop on  16th April:
* the way the physical supports for Platform 3 are linked into the north side of the station Arcade building is still being investigated by the architects. This means there needs to be an extra workshop (so 4 instead of 3). Once the Platform 3 supports are clarified they can develop designs for the new buildings, and they will present them at the additional workshop during May, date to be announced. Read more of this post

Station workshop TODAY 6.30pm – key issues

Council’s architects Landolt & Brown’s consultation workshop on the station redevelopment is TODAY 16th April 6.30pm – 8.30pm at All Saints Hall, in Blenheim Grove. This meeting may be the key culmination of the codesign process local people set in motion a year ago for the station developments. Although it has had its defects, in particular too limited a brief, it has produced new opportunities to make a contribution. A significant one is tonight. Below is a summary of points we have collected that are relevant to the workshop. This is probably the last workshop chance to discuss and contribute ideas for shaping the development of the buildings and spaces around the station, before the designs for the planning application are drawn up. So please take part if you can. There are several points to think about at this workshop linked to Landolt & Brown’s list of headings for the options (see ). These  include: Read more of this post

April 2015 Peckham Vision News

art deco, cultural economy, arts, music, architecture, commerce and more
Meeting: WED 8th APRIL 6.30pm – 9pm.

Exhibition: from 3pm in both studios:
Peckham Vision Bussey studio B1.1, and CLF Art Café,
adjacent studios on Bussey first floor, entrance via 133 Rye Lane

Please come and take part in a community discussion about the changes in Peckham, what we all
think about them, if they are good for our neighbourhood, and whose neighbourhood is it anyway?
Give your views in the public discussion. Hear what others have to say as well. Get your queries
answered. Read more of this post