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April 2015 Peckham Vision News

art deco, cultural economy, arts, music, architecture, commerce and more
Meeting: WED 8th APRIL 6.30pm – 9pm.

Exhibition: from 3pm in both studios:
Peckham Vision Bussey studio B1.1, and CLF Art Café,
adjacent studios on Bussey first floor, entrance via 133 Rye Lane

Please come and take part in a community discussion about the changes in Peckham, what we all
think about them, if they are good for our neighbourhood, and whose neighbourhood is it anyway?
Give your views in the public discussion. Hear what others have to say as well. Get your queries

Impact of:
* rising housing prices, regeneration, gentrification, loss of social housing.
* heavy handed redevelopment wiping out local micro economies.
* tall buildings in Peckham & and loss of Peckham’s character.
* possible demolition of almost half remaining art deco buildings in Rye Lane cluster.

Drop in at the exhibition in both PV and CLF studios any time from 3pm:
* latest news on key regeneration projects, & info on Peckham’s history.
* Peckham Vision Art Deco installation.
* Exhibition of CLF history, role, music & creativity.

More information:

If you can help at the event for a couple of hours or more, from 3pm please email, and say what  time you can come.  It is a great way to learn about the town centre, and meet other active residents. You will be very  welcome, and we need you…


Thursday 16th APRIL 6.30pm – 9pm
All Saints Hall, Blenheim Grove

2nd workshop from Council’s consultant Landolt & Brown. They say “Your feedback is enormously
helpful to us and everyone is welcome, so please join us on Thursday 16th April, whether you made
the first workshop or not. This will:

* update you on what you told us about your priorities and aspirations at the first session in March
and how this has fed into the design brief for the project.
* share more about Network Rail’s proposals for providing step-free access to the platforms.
* explain what we have learnt about the construction of the 1930’s buildings and how this might
impact the design,
* our initial thinking on the location of key tenants and uses, along with alternatives for the future
treatment of the Blenheim Grove corner building and Station Square.
* give an interactive group workshop to get your input on the emerging design.”

You can put queries, ideas, suggestions by email to

Relevant background documents from 1st workshop:
* Peckham Rye station 1st Workshop report –

* 1st workshop slides – <Http://

* Atlas of Aspirations table showing results of priorities sorting at 1st workshop: <http://peckhamco>



The ‘codesign’ consultation first stages on changes to Peckham Square have now concluded:!about/cee5 There have been three workshops and some

The council want to build new housing and commercial buildings, and new gallery and cafe space.
Key issues that have emerged are whether the big arch should be removed or stay, and the heights
of new buildings. If you have views, queries or comments email:

The next steps are not yet published but are likely to be developing the planning application. Get
your views in as soon as possible.

News is posted on Peckham Vision Facebook pages, tweets and website as it happens. For a
round up of the last month have a look at:
* Facebook –
* Tweets –
* Peckham Vision website –

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