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Station workshop TODAY 6.30pm – key issues

Council’s architects Landolt & Brown’s consultation workshop on the station redevelopment is TODAY 16th April 6.30pm – 8.30pm at All Saints Hall, in Blenheim Grove. This meeting may be the key culmination of the codesign process local people set in motion a year ago for the station developments. Although it has had its defects, in particular too limited a brief, it has produced new opportunities to make a contribution. A significant one is tonight. Below is a summary of points we have collected that are relevant to the workshop. This is probably the last workshop chance to discuss and contribute ideas for shaping the development of the buildings and spaces around the station, before the designs for the planning application are drawn up. So please take part if you can. There are several points to think about at this workshop linked to Landolt & Brown’s list of headings for the options (see ). These  include:

For the last year a number of ideas have surfaced about ways to create the new square without
demolishing the whole arcade. These included ideas to transform the upper floor into art galleries,
opening up the ground floor in a number of different ways so there could be a clear view at ground
level, and another for removing half the arcade and reusing the remaining half as a night club. We
hear that some of these ideas will be part of the discussion at the workshop of the wide variety of
options for the area immediately in front of the station building.

This does not mean they are better or favoured above total clearance of the arcade area, but it does
seem important to give them an airing in a codesign process. This is strengthened by the result of
the recent Peckham Peculiar poll that something like 43% of those polled by them on twitter this
last week or so favoured something short of complete demolition. So if you have ideas on this, here
is probably yr last chance to air them. It is important to clarify why total demolition is better than
partial retention coupled with restructuring.

The key issue here seems to be whether the existing building on the corner of Rye Lane and
Blenheim Grove will be refurbished as a two storey building retaining its place in the ‘Art Deco
quarter’ or if it should be extended upwards or demolished altogether and replaced with a new
building of 4 storeys or more. Issues raised about this over the last year have included:
– that it is a significant part of the cluster of seven current art deco buildings almost contiguous
around the station. Retaining and restoring this and the similar corner building on Holly Grove would
maintain at least six of this cluster of buildings, still capable of being considered as a quarter.
Without them could the Art Deco exist as a ‘quarter’?
– a Council commissioned report by Weston Williamson in 2014  concluded that the optimum height for the Blenheim Grove building would be no more than 4  storeys. So the issue then is whether the extra capacity to be created by the extension is worth the  cost and disruption as well as the loss of the ‘art deco quarter’.

The building on the Holly Grove corner with Rye Lane houses Iceland. It is not in Landolt & Brown’s
brief yet, though it may be added to it, if the current leaseholders Bywaters, who are Iceland’s
landlords, do not produce planning proposals within the same timescale as Landolt & Brown. It
seems appropriate to voice views, about its retention and refurbishment or demolition, at this
workshop because:
– it was part of the original co-design brief a year ago,
– there is no indication that a tall building of greater height than 4 storeys has been ruled out for this
or the 4 Holly Grove site,
– it is part of the existing art deco cluster and of the immediate environment of the station listed
– the closeness of its physical infrastructure with the rail viaduct bordering the square may have
implications for the options for the design and layout of the new square buildings.
PS – number 4 Holly Grove, currently housing the Hannah Barry Gallery, is part of Bywaters’ lease
and is expected to be part of whatever plans are developed for the Holly Grove part of the station

There were other issues of major concern included in the original co-design process which may be
affected by the limitations on the Landolt & Brown brief and need to be raised to see how they fit
and relate to the designs around the station. These include:
* location of PUBLIC TOILETS. The consideration of this key issue may be hampered by the very
restricted area covered by the Landolt & Brown’s brief which excludes at least one possible location
for the toilets.
* future refurbishment of DOVEDALE COURT. Network Rail are now dealing with this but so far
without any public discussion.
* the rail arches and paths on the EASTERN SIDE OF RYE LANE, opposite the station. The need
to link the design and development possibilities of these with the new square and related buildings.

Hope this is useful, and to see many of you at the workshop.

Peckham Vision co-ordinator


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