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highlights from Station workshop 16 April 2015

The Council’s consultants Landolt & Brown reported at their workshop on  16th April:
* the way the physical supports for Platform 3 are linked into the north side of the station Arcade building is still being investigated by the architects. This means there needs to be an extra workshop (so 4 instead of 3). Once the Platform 3 supports are clarified they can develop designs for the new buildings, and they will present them at the additional workshop during May, date to be announced.
* their ideas developing for the art deco building on the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane indicate a preference for an extension of two floors on top of the existing building.
* they reported that they are talking with Carl Turner architects about the plans for the Holly Grove buildings (Icelands & Hannah Barry Gallery), and expect those plans to be submitted at the same time as the station square and Blenheim Grove buildings (summer). But the Holly Grove buildings have been removed from the codesign process so the public is excluded from all information about those plans.
* they showed a slide of Network Rail’s plans for new lifts to all 4 platforms, and said they were looking into these. It was not possible to examine these details to make any comments or ask probing questions.
* they asked us in table discussion groups to report back on several questions including:
– think about how the square should feel when you arrive during the day and at night.
– what uses would you like to see in the new premises in the square and/or Blenheim Grove corner building.
– explain why anything should go in a particular place.
– what could improve safety.
– where could public WCs be located.
– what gets left out but is important?
If you want to respond to these points or any others about this station project email them at:


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