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how to vote for none of the candidates

A lot of people don’t vote in elections because they feel there is no real difference between the political parties, or that none of them represent our views or that the whole system is not in a good state or for other reasons. But it was a long hard struggle over centuries to win the right to vote. In many parts of the world, some still can’t vote and some die for it. So it is really important to vote to keep our democracy alive. And you can do that NOW without voting for anyone, and getting that vote counted! All you have to do is write on the ballot ‘none of them’.

This deliberate action creates a ‘spoilt’ vote. All spoilt ballot papers are counted and published. If the number of spoilt papers increases significantly, it sends a message that things need to change, and the elected candidate should find new ways to link with and work with constituents between elections.

On 7th May, vote for your preferred candidates or party. But if they are not your choice, vote for ‘none of them’. Let’s all vote for democracy!

As well as exercising your vote in the forthcoming election, you can support the NOTA campaign: NOTA campaigns for an official ‘none of the above’ choice on the ballot paper in future. Increasing the numbers of deliberate spoilt papers now will support the NOTA campaign.


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