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190 Rye Lane Planning Application

11th December 2015 The impact of 190 Rye Lane proposed development on neighbouring premises:

* the documents. Key ones to read are design & access statements

* The case details – 15/AP/4857 –…/applicationDetails…

* To make a comment on the Council’s website…/applicationDetails…

Here is more info about the housing development, and why it is of concern to the owner of the Canavan’s business – The Council hasn’t yet set the consultation date deadline. Meanwhile volunteers with planning and / or acoustics experience, please let us know, so you can help advise Canavan’s and their supporters on their reponse to the planning issues.

8th December 2015 Planning application submitted: Plans have just been submitted to build 22 new flats next to Canavan’s pool bar on Rye Lane.
During the pre-application consultation in September, a number of concerns were raised including the damaging effect on Canavan’s pool club next door of substantial new housing, the affordability of the new housing units, and the potential for alternative uses on the site more compatible with the surrounding town centre, rather than just residential.
* The developer’s response to these concerns is in this document from the planning application:
* All documents available here:
This application has not yet been accepted by the Planning Department and so consultation has not started.  More info will be posted when we hear what Canavan’s want to do.


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