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Peckham Vision at the Peckham Festival

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The Peckham Festival starts today and continues to Sunday 11th September. You can catch all the  info about the many events and open studios happening around Peckham: and the brochure here:
brochure#page/2 Peckham Vision has three strands in the festival, all at Copeland Gallery: The Gallery is in the middle of the Copeland Park site which you enter through  133 Rye Lane passage. See the map here:

* WORKSHOP: SUNDAY 11th SEPTEMBER, from  4.30pm to 5.45pm in the Copeland Gallery:
Where is Peckham going? Peckham has changed and it’s changing more.
Come and share your thoughts about the changes, and how local people can have any say in what  happens. We will continue the public conversation about the community vision for Peckham’s future  that began at the Peckham Vision public community meeting in January 2016 in the Bussey CLF  Art Café. Book for the workshop here: where-is-peckham-going

* EXHIBITION in the Gallery showing a number of exhibits: brochure#page/6  One is the community-made model of Central Rye Lane. Alongside, some new  exhibition panels created for the Festival, tell the story of community involvement in the town centre  over the last 14 years. If you took part in making the community model, or missed it last time  round, this is your chance to see it and show your friends. The Gallery exhibition is open:
Friday 9th 4pm-6pm
Saturday 10th 11am-9pm
Sunday 11th 12pm-5pm

* CENTRAL RYE LANE WALKING TOUR: Saturday 10th September, 2.30pm-4.30pm
Eileen Conn, co-founder and co-ordinator of Peckham Vision, will lead a tour of the sites and the  buildings that have been part of community action since 2005. The tour will start at the Peckham  Vision community model, and will recall the long history of the buildings and the more recent history  of the community work in publicising their potential for creative re-use. If you are keen to do the tour,  but it is fully booked, leave your details for the waiting list or email We can  let you know when we do another tour.

In 2006 PECKHAM VISION grew from the community campaign to resist the Council plan to  demolish the Copeland Park and Bussey Building, and more besides, for a tram depot. We said  that the site had the potential to become the Copeland Cultural Quarter. Now 10 years later, the  area is achieving this, as it becomes a hub for the town centre’s cultural life.  The ‘vision’ was of an integrated approach to the central Rye Lane area and the re-use of old  buildings in the town centre, pioneering methods for a collaborative approach involving the  community. Promoting an open space in front of the station, restoring the derelict Old Waiting  Room, and the long term re-use of the multi storey car park have all been part of the Peckham  Vision campaign, which over 10,000 local people now support or follow.  Help us celebrate Peckham Vision’s 10th anniversary by visiting the exhibition and coming to the  workshop, and taking part in the Festival.

Peckham Vision’s August news email outlined the many applications now being made for
developments in Peckham town centre. Still more are being submitted all the time. Note particularly  that comments can still be made on these major applications:
3.1 Mountview Theatre Academy 16/AP/2649
3.2 Peckham Arch, Library Square & 91-93 Peckham High Street 16/AP/3075
5.1 213 Rye Lane (LOBO’S Fish Factory & Behind): 16/AP/0131
5.2 Copeland Road Car Park site 16/AP/3503
5.4 269-275 Rye Lane & 1A Philip Walk: 16/AP/1896

There have been many comments and many objections. For the latest information about each one  go to: Then click on the  planning application link and click on ‘public comments’ to see what other people have said.

Eileen Conn
Co-ordinator, Peckham Vision
shop: Holdron’s Arcade, 135a Rye Lane, SE15 4ST
Open Tuesdays & Saturdays 2pm-4pm
frequently updated news:

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