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Macbeth in Peckham

5th – 10th March there will be more drama on the Copeland site, which was going to be demolished for the tram depot, and now is alive with cultural activities.   Following Opera in Space in the Bussey building in January, Macbeth will unfold in and around the buildings next door.  Further information is below. Read more of this post

chess for local children

Chess is a great fun game for children of all sorts to learn, and teaches some invaluable personal skills. Now there are new opportunities to do that in Peckham and nearby. See the message from south Londoner Richard Weekes below and his Chess Academy.  Read more of this post

Fri 14 Sep 5pm Nunhead station

 To Nunhead residents listMessage from Nunhead:

 You are invited to a celebration and launch event

FRIDAY 14th SEPTEMBER 5pm – 6pm

at Nunhead Station  Read more of this post

Sat 14 Jul Summer Fair – Bellenden Primary School

Message from Bellenden Primary School

SUMMER FAIR,   Saturday 14th July, 11am – 2pm

All are welcome to attend Bellenden Primary School’s Summer Fair. Read more of this post

Royal Court comes to the Bussey building, Peckham!

Peckham Vision grew out of the campaign to draw attention to the potential of the Bussey building and the Copeland quarter site in the middle of the town centre which was threatened with demolition and full closure to town centre use. The historic Bussey building, and the site were saved, and have just gone on year by year demonstrating the potential we saw. Now that central part of Rye Lane, in and around Peckham Rye station, is showing how it can flower as a home for the burgeoning cultural and artistic enterprises in Peckham.

Now we have the exciting news that our work has helped to attract the Royal Court to Peckham for two months starting on 29 September. Details of this year’s performances and booking arrangements below. Performances are already being sold out! We look forward to continuing to work with the Royal Court and especially their work to open up these methods and experiences for the whole community. Read more of this post

children, art clubs and Rye Lane

If you have ever walked around Peckham town centre looking above ground level, you will know how beautiful many of the buildings are. Now there is a chance to look at this in more detail. During August, Tues-Fri 11am-5pm, and Sat 11am-4pm, you can see in Peckham Space, in Peckham town square, a large collage of line drawings of the architectural detail of all the buildings in Rye Lane. See Message from Peckham Space below. Read more of this post

school admissions survey

Message from Southwark Council:

Are you a parent or carer who has recently applied for a Southwark Secondary school place for your child?
Southwark Council are undertaking a review of schools admissions and support for parents and carers.  As part of this we would like parents and carers whose children have applied for a Southwark secondary school place to complete a questionnaire. Read more of this post