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Protect Peckham’s rooftop views sign petition @ Peckham Rye Fete Sat 6 Sep

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Protect Peckham’s rooftop views – sign the petition at Peckham Vision’s stall on SATURDAY 6th SEP: at the community fete at Peckham Rye Common (near the Cafe), from noon to 5pm. Look for the big poster, copy attached.  Come and discuss why we need to protect the views. Hear about the ideas for converting the multi storey car park into a permanent cultural centre, and how the Bussey Building is already evolving into a new form of cultural centre. Each has potential for increasing even more their attractions for thousands of visitors boosting Peckham’s local economy for small businesses and jobs and skills for local people.
Protect Pkm's rooftop views - lo2


Sat 6 Sep Peckham Rye Fete: discussion abt CoDesign

SATURDAY 6th SEP: most enjoyable annual summer fete at Peckham Rye Common (near the Cafe), from noon to 5pm. Peckham Vision’s stall will have info about a variety of town centre issues and developments. This year we also have a special drop-in discussion tent about how the Peckham CoDesign process is working. Look for the big poster, copy attached. If you have any questions or views about the process and the developments come & catch up on all the happenings, discuss them with other locals, and see how you can get involved.

CoDesign - lo


Peckham Vision News email September 2014

In spite of the summer holidays, there’s quite a bit of news – including the Peckham CoDesign process, and two new campaigns in the town centre: Protect Peckham rooftop views, and Bring back the Lido. So apologies for the amount of information, but hope you find it useful. Read more of this post


From Peckham Vision Facebook: Sunday 7 September 2014 12 noon – 4 pm  Admission Free! BOLD TENDENCIES FAMILY DAY: This is a celebration of our collaborative work with local families, community groups and children’s centres. Please drop in anytime and take part! Children must be accompanied by their parent or carer at all times.  BIG BONKERS BALLOONING – FUN FOR ALL AGES. Celebrated local storyteller. Film Screenings.  Aerial Family Photographs taken from James Bridle’s Balloon 200 ft above the carpark. Explore the Balloon commission. Reading Workshops. Model Building, Mural Painting and Skyline Sketching Classes.

Protect Peckham’s rooftop views

From –

* “A stone’s throw from the station, you can’t help but fall in love with the view of London’s skyline” – Rooftop Cinema in Peckham’s Bussey Building –
* “Where else offers 360 degree views of the city?” – Evening Standard on Peckham, April 2014 –
If you agree, please sign the petition:   More info: –

Protect Peckham’s rooftop views

From-  A local campaign to protect Peckham’s rooftop views has just begun. See info here: Sign the petition here:  The Council wants to encourage development of a 20 storey building in front of the view from Frank’s Café, Bold Tendencies and the Bussey Building. The campaign is organised by the Peckham Planning Network (PPN), which is made up of local groups & businesses, and individuals who live or work in or near Peckham, who worked together in responding to the Public Hearings into the Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP). Peckham Vision was a founder member and continues to facilitate the PPN. Further information:
* on previous planning work:
* on planning issues relating to the multi-storey car park and the Peckham rooftop views:


Peckham Vision News August 2014

This month’s news focusses mainly on happenings around the Peckham Rye Station CoDesign process.


* Wed 20th Aug 6-8pm Frank’s Cafe: official launch of CoDesign process.

* Sat 6th Sep 12-5pm: Peckham Vision stall+discussion about CoDesign process at Peckham Rye Fete.

Read more of this post

Save Our Parks and public green spaces petition

From the SAVE OUR PARKS! Campaign:
Protect and invest in the UK’s green spaces
– Help prevent the slide into crisis
– Let’s make parks a general election issue in 2015
Click here to sign the petition:
 Parks and green spaces are an essential and unique resource and service, vital to every local community and serving a wide range of important needs for people of all ages and interests. However, the June 2014 ‘State of UK Public Parks’ report documented the alarming slide into a long-term crisis being caused by the underfunding of the UK’s parks. We are now at a tipping point. It is up to all those who know and care to raise their voices together.
The inspirational rise of the Friends Groups movement over the last 15 years (with now over 5,000 groups), and the hard work and expertise of green space staff, managers and professionals, has demonstrated the commitment of the public and all those who love parks. We believe that there must now be an equivalent recognition and commitment from the political parties and the next Government in 2015. Let’s make this an election issue.

Brimmington Park Festival 28th June 2014

In spite of the torrential rain twice, we had an enjoyable time at Brimmington Park Festival on Saturday. Lots of visitors, and keen interest in our exhibition information about Peckham town centre. This stimulated as usual much useful discussion. Interesting festival activities, and stalls covering a wide range of interests, and local small businesses and groups.

IMG_2515 Brimmington Park Festival 2014IMG_2517 Brimmington Park Festival 2014IMG_2518 Brimmington Park Festival 2014IMG_2519 Brimmington Park Festival 2014

Brimmington Park Festival Sat 28th June

If you live on the eastern side of Peckham, do try to visit Brimmington Park Festival this coming Saturday 28th June from midday to 6pm. Open of course to all, but in short walking distance for people on the eastern side. Brimmington Park is just off the junction of Asylum Rd and Meeting House Lane.  Peckham Vision will be there with our mobile exhibition on info about developments in central Peckham, and our increasingly interesting stall of things about Peckham! The Festival promises to be great fun. We would be delighted if you were able to drop by and see us and catch up on developments in central Peckham. It is always a pleasure to see familiar faces walk up, or to meet for the first time local people who follow our adventures!