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Peckham Rye Station co-design – Questions to ask, Issues to watch

13th March Station codesign – Questions to ask, Issues to watch[edit]

‘CoDesign’ for Peckham Rye Station starts again 17th March 6.30pm-8.30pm, at All Saints Hall, Blenheim Grove. Main topics now include:

  • the design for the station square.
  • whether the Rye Lane corner buildings on Blenheim Grove and Holly Grove (Iceland), and 4 Holly Grove (Hannah Barry Gallery) will be demolished to be replaced with tall buildings.
  • preservation of the Art Deco cluster of buildings.
  • what Network Rail are planning for Dovedale Court.
  • what Southern Rail are planning for improved access to the platforms.
  • where the public toilets will be.
  • and more…

If you want to hear the latest and contribute to the discussion, come along on Tuesday 17th March 6.30pm

17th March Peckham Rye Station square codesign workshop

Southwark Council email with latest news about the Station Gateway developments:
“Landolt + Brown have been appointed to take forward the designs for Peckham Rye Station square. The Peckham Rye Station square project has been commissioned by Southwark Council in partnership with the Greater London Authority to transform the area around the Station. The project will create a new square as a focal point for the community, and include new and refurbished buildings to make the area more uplifting and less congested. The first co-design workshop of the design stage will be held on Tuesday 17th March 2015 at 6.30pm at All Saints Church Hall on Blenheim Grove (see map below). We want to build on the co-design work previously undertaken and hear from you about how we can work together as the project moves forward. The project design team, led by architects Landolt + Brown, would like to explain some of their initial thinking and observations in the first part of the workshop. This will be followed by a presentation from the Council on associated town centre projects. Please join us.”

Click here for flyer and map

Further information about the Station and other town centre developments.

update on Peckham Rye station developments

This is an update on what we know about the Peckham Rye station developments.

  • There has been news from Brixton where Network Rail are planning a clear out of what are reported as successful long-standing businesses in railway arches for ‘refurbishment’, with promises of returning. It sounds familiar from a year ago at Peckham Rye station. This approach may yet return to Peckham as Dovedale Court and the Holly Grove buildings were not covered by the ‘co-design’ consultation… that was conducted last Autumn. So it seemed worth remarking on that somewhere: see Peckham Vision letter to SLP here:

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January – February 2015 key topics

This is a brief update on some of the action topics during January and February. For more information on the topics, visit Facebook posts from beginning January 2015:

Some key topics have been

* redesigning Peckham town square

* Disruption of train services from London Bridge

* London Housing crisis

* Peckham Coal Line

* New Southwark Plan consultation, including concern about policy for more tall buildings in Peckham Town centre

* Campaign to protect rooftop view from obstruction by tall building on Morrison’s car park

* New Peckham Vision shop at 135a Rye Lane in the revived Holdron’s arcade.

* Campaign to Save Southwark Woods

* Appointment of Landolt & Brown as new co-design architects for the Station new square

* Improvements around Queen’s Rd station

Rooftop Views Deputation & CoDesign developments 7th Feb 3pm. Peckham Vision News Feb 2015


* Protecting Peckham’s Rooftop Views: residents present the petition to the Council tomorrow
SATURDAY – please come, your support is needed.
* Peckham Rye Station developments: Councillors report on new architects tomorrow SATURDAY –
ask questions about the brief.
* Peckham (‘town’) Square CoDesign: comments about the Square (beside Peckham Library)
needed urgently by email.

PLEASE READ ON for details
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November 2014 topics

This is a brief update on some of the action topics during November and December so far. Some key topics have been

  • TfL consultation on the Bakerloo Line extension to Lewisham through Southwark.
  • The revival of the historic Holdron’s Arcade at 135a Rye Lane.
  • An interfaith trail by coach around Southwark including the Peckham Mosque in Choumert Grove.
  • Peckham CoDesign ending of AshSakula consultancy phase, and move into stage for tender for planning application contract.

For more information on these topics, visit posts from beginning November 2014 on:

* and



Peckham Vision News – CoDesign: Urgent Action for comments

PECKHAM VISION NEWS – CoDesign: Urgent Action for comments

* An ‘Atlas of Aspirations’ is being prepared by the Council’s CoDesign consultants Ash Sakula,
summarising ‘outcomes and findings’ of the CoDesign process.
* The draft Atlas is here: Deadline for Comments is WED 5th NOVEMBER.
* Ash Sakula will submit the Atlas to Southwark Council at the end of this week. They say:
“”We need YOU…to give us feedback on the DRAFT ASPIRATIONS. Email us with your top 10
Aspirations from the list. If you feel that any Aspirations are not clear enough or that there are any
Aspirations that have not been represented then please email with your comments and feedback.””
* The Council’s consultants will be giving an update to the Peckham Community Council on Monday
10th November 7pm at Peckham Academy. Agenda:  Read more of this post

Tall buildings on station site?

Some of our comments, buried away on the comments to these posts about the Art Deco quarter, have included more info about the plans trickling out from Network Rail and from the Council. So here it is more visible: We hear that Iceland is developing plans for their building and 4 Holly Grove to be replaced by building(s) between 5 and 7 stories and extending out to take up some space into Holly Grove, narrowing the road between Iceland and McDonalds. The Council are thinking about at least a 4 storey building on Blenheim Grove / Rye Lane corner. If you don’t want these tall and taller buildings sprouting in Rye Lane, and haven’t already got yr views to the consultants, it is essential to send them in now:; and tweet @PeckhamCoDesign

save Peckham’s Art Deco Quarter

Want to save Peckham’s Art Deco Quarter? See previous Facebook info , , send views NOW: to email:;and tweet @PeckhamCoDesign

HOT OFF PRESS – Just heard that the deadline has been postponed a few days to give more time for AshSakula to prepare the overall report on local comments. So you have just another few days to get your views in. More information promised from the CoDesign team on this on Monday 27th October.

Art Deco cluster – issues

Do you want the Art Deco quarter around the station to be part of the area when the improvements to the station front are completed? If you do, it is essential that you register that with the CoDesign process TODAY or TOMORROW. The response to the posts on the Art Deco buildings indicates that the idea of an Art Deco cluster in Rye Lane is attractive. Some people have said they would like to have the station arcade preserved as part of that. If that does not succeed because of the plan to demolish it to create an open square, there is still a strong case for the preservation of the other Art Deco buildings around the station as a key part of the Art Deco quarter. If that is your view it is essential to put that idea in to CoDesign.The already restored building at 12-16 Blenheim Grove, which houses the Peckham Refreshment Rooms and The Sunday Painter, is protected as a result of the decisions taken last February after the Harriet Harman MP intervention. An additional point in favour of keeping the Art Deco buildings in Blenheim Grove and Holly Grove is that they are in very good proportion to the listed station building. The size and shape fit very well into central Rye Lane. Keeping that integrity makes great sense. Email your views to;and tweet @PeckhamCoDesign  See the comments discussion on Facebook
IMG_1780 Iceland     IMG_1799 - 82 RL
IMG_1796 - 2-10 BG + 82 RL     IMG_0897 - 12-16 BG