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January – February 2015 key topics

This is a brief update on some of the action topics during January and February. For more information on the topics, visit Facebook posts from beginning January 2015:

Some key topics have been

* redesigning Peckham town square

* Disruption of train services from London Bridge

* London Housing crisis

* Peckham Coal Line

* New Southwark Plan consultation, including concern about policy for more tall buildings in Peckham Town centre

* Campaign to protect rooftop view from obstruction by tall building on Morrison’s car park

* New Peckham Vision shop at 135a Rye Lane in the revived Holdron’s arcade.

* Campaign to Save Southwark Woods

* Appointment of Landolt & Brown as new co-design architects for the Station new square

* Improvements around Queen’s Rd station

Peckham Vision News – CoDesign: Urgent Action for comments

PECKHAM VISION NEWS – CoDesign: Urgent Action for comments

* An ‘Atlas of Aspirations’ is being prepared by the Council’s CoDesign consultants Ash Sakula,
summarising ‘outcomes and findings’ of the CoDesign process.
* The draft Atlas is here: Deadline for Comments is WED 5th NOVEMBER.
* Ash Sakula will submit the Atlas to Southwark Council at the end of this week. They say:
“”We need YOU…to give us feedback on the DRAFT ASPIRATIONS. Email us with your top 10
Aspirations from the list. If you feel that any Aspirations are not clear enough or that there are any
Aspirations that have not been represented then please email with your comments and feedback.””
* The Council’s consultants will be giving an update to the Peckham Community Council on Monday
10th November 7pm at Peckham Academy. Agenda:  Read more of this post

Protect Peckham’s rooftop views

Late season visitors to Frank’s Café & Campari Bar. Last chance for a rooftop drink with a spectacular view this weekend!  Please share the petition so we can reach 1,000 signatures by the end of the weekend. If you’re on Twitter then you can follow for further updates.

Protect Pkm's rooftop views - lo2

Peckham’s rooftop views

From 500 people have already signed to protect ‘s rooftop view from being blocked by a 20-storey tower. 

23rd July model launch + Peckham Vision July news



@ CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, SE15.
3pm-7pm: drop-in exhibition and model launch
7pm-9pm community public meeting

Over 30 keen residents are each creating individual buildings for the model of the central Rye Lane
area around Peckham Rye station. Those buildings will all be part of the model in its first public
display at the forthcoming event. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear how our familiar town
centre is being hand crafted and viewed from new angles.

There will be something for everyone to connect in again, or connect for the first time, to community
discussions about our town centre through creative activities, the town centre exhibition and the
community public meeting. Follow this link for further details:

Please can you display the information in your neighbourhood and to friends:
* Send on this email, and post the info on local forums.
* Download the poster:
* Download the flyers:

We are developing a team of helpers. Would you like to join in? Volunteers will be very welcome to
help on the day. If you have an hour or two or more to offer please let us know & click reply to this
email. Read more of this post

Bold Tendencies Right to Flight.

The latest performance started last night on the Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park roof – Bold Tendencies Right to Flight.

Station Gateway model-making 5 June 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: There was an enthusiastic response to our call for volunteers to take part in building a scale model of the Station Gateway site and the immediately surrounding buildings in the central Rye Lane area. Many people are enthusiastic, and over 30 are now taking part in our model making group under the expert guidance of local architects Benedict O’Looney and Clyde Watson from Peckham Vision. See here: The model is slowly taking shape building by building. It should be ready for use in a few weeks. There is still room to take part. If you are interested, just email us at The next session is this evening at 6.30pm.


Almost 50 Questions on the Gentrification of Peckham June 2014

Almost 50 Questions on the Gentrification of Peckham
From: Here follows a set of questions based on the past, present and future of Peckham as it undergoes continuing pressures of regeneration and the accompanying gentrification. Like gentrification itself, this list contains numerous trick questions. There are questions that seek answers in historical fact but there are a whole lot more questions that are asked not for an answer but because the question itself says a whole lot more than any answer.
These questions are produced from a fatigue of long-term considering the question of art and gentrification and its willing and seemingly unwilling players.  In Peckham, as some artists slowly ponder any role they may have in its changes, it must be said that the story pre-dates their arrival although not the way they have been used to sell the area.  Go to the questions:


The truth about gentrification: regeneration or con trick? June 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: The truth about gentrification: regeneration or con trick?

Catch-up news on the Peckham Rye Station Gateway project

Message from Peckham Vision to the PRN email list

* The Council is working towards the appointment of consultants in mid-May who will manage the co-design consultation process in the summer. A copy of the brief is available here: They are likely to start the consultation process in June, with the aim of a planning application being submitted  ‘in the Autumn’.   Read more of this post