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Peckham Vision November 2016 News (2)

TO Peckham Vision mailing list

* Redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre
* Holdron’s Christmas Arcade
* PV Volunteer survey last call
* Bellenden Rd traffic system workshop
* Blenheim Arches studios open weekend
* Rail services to London Bridge & St Pancras

There is a developer’s consultation meeting on Wednesday 23rd November, and on THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER both at 6.30-8.30pm, about the future development of the Aylesham Centre, at Rye Lane Chapel (opposite Highshore Road). This is THE major development of Peckham town centre and we hope many local people will get involved in the discussion. Go along to this meeting to register your interest, and also email to get on to their email list: See details and booking here:

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Latest Peckham Vision news

Please click links below for Peckham Vision regular news and information:



If you do not have Facebook or twitter accounts, you can see without interruption a live feed on the home page of Peckham Vision’s website:

Bakerloo extension: TfL consultation report

Bakerloo extension through Camberwell/Peckham +/or Old Kent Rd. TfL’s consultation report just published:

January – February 2015 key topics

This is a brief update on some of the action topics during January and February. For more information on the topics, visit Facebook posts from beginning January 2015:

Some key topics have been

* redesigning Peckham town square

* Disruption of train services from London Bridge

* London Housing crisis

* Peckham Coal Line

* New Southwark Plan consultation, including concern about policy for more tall buildings in Peckham Town centre

* Campaign to protect rooftop view from obstruction by tall building on Morrison’s car park

* New Peckham Vision shop at 135a Rye Lane in the revived Holdron’s arcade.

* Campaign to Save Southwark Woods

* Appointment of Landolt & Brown as new co-design architects for the Station new square

* Improvements around Queen’s Rd station

new lifts for Peckham Rye station

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Peckham Rye station is included in the list of a further 42 stations to be included in the Department for Transport’s Access for All programme. This means that lifts to all four platforms will be included in the Gateway development project. See today’s announcement and links:

Community pop-up 16-18 Dec

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Come & meet us in our Peckham Vision community pop-up @ Peckham Springs 16th-18th December. Mon+Tues 11am-2pm, 4pm-9pm. Wed 10am-1pm. For details see poster. In the Arches under platforms 3+4 entrance Blenheim Gv.
Can you spare a couple of hours of yr. time to help at this exciting new venture? If so, you will take part in an enjoyable Peckham social experience, and learn interesting important things about Peckham’s past, present and future. If you would like to help please email for more details.

PV Community Pop Up Poster

16-18 Dec drop-in to Peckham Vision pop-up @PeckhamSprings

Message from Peckham Vision via PRN email
Come and visit, drop-in, have a coffee, tea or juice and light snack, find other locals keen to talk about Peckham town centre and other issues
Peckham Vision @PeckhamSprings
community pop-up, behind Bar Story, off Blenheim Grove
16th & 17th: 11am – 2pm, 4pm – 9pm
18th: 10am – 1pm
Can you spare a couple of hours of yr. time to help at this exciting new venture? If so, you will take part in an enjoyable Peckham social experience, and learn interesting important things about Peckham’s past, present and future. Please reply to this email if you can help, or want more information.  Read more of this post

Station Gateway consultation 30 Nov 2013

from Peckham Vision Facebook:  The consultation boards from Saturday’s event in the Old Waiting Room (see photo) are now up on the architects’ blog: . It also has the official Feedback Form there for comments (which was used also on Saturday). The deadline for comments is this coming SATURDAY 7th December. see the boards there Perhaps the key one is Board 4 which identifies the significant questions about the architects’ thoughts for redevelopment of the Network Rail site all around the station. These would require as expected the removal of the buildings in front to create the new square. But they also extend to the buildings alongside in Holly Grove and Blenheim Grove and behind the station. These buildings currently accommodate in Holly Grove the newly opened Hannah Barry Gallery, and in Blenheim Grove The Sunday Painter, Peckham Refreshment Rooms, Bar Story, Peckham Springs and the soon to open microbrewery. Do they really need to be demolished when they are regenerating the area themselves in the existing buildings? These and some of the other points to think about in all this are on the short briefing note we produced for visitors to the consultation here:

IMG_0561 rdcd - NR at OWR

Station Gateway consultation 30 Nov – points to think about

Message from Peckham Vision –  –  by email: This is a reminder of the Network Rail consultation on Saturday 30 November 11am – 3pm in the Old Waiting Room off platform 3 in Peckham Rye Station. The deadline for comments is 6th December. This is a once only chance to see and comment on what the newly commissioned Network Rail architects have to say about the way they will approach developing the planning application for the Network Rail buildings around Peckham Rye station. They promise a further event in January but this coming Saturday is the event to comment on the basic concepts about land use and buildings.
At the exhibition on Saturday it will be important to clarify and give views on:
*  what parts if any of the ‘preferred option’ will be used to develop the scheme for the planning application; see Notes below and the plan here: ;
* what height might any new buildings be and what would be their impact  on the adjacent streets, especially Blenheim Grove and Holly Grove, with the effect on their light and space;
* whether the site is appropriate for new additional housing along Blenheim Grove;
* whether the extent of the redevelopment is necessary to achieve the improvements needed;
* what effect such wholesale redevelopment would have on the small creative and leisure businesses taking root in the buildings on the site, and on the emergence of that new strand of local economic & social activity.

Changes at London Bridge station from Saturday 25 May 2013

This is a message from the Thameslink Programme.

Changes at London Bridge station from Saturday 25 May 2013

Several changes are taking place at London Bridge station  Read more of this post