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Public toilets in the station development

At last! Discussion about public toilets for Rye Lane in the area around Peckham Rye station. CoDesign covered the topic yesterday in the CoDesign shop drop in. This is the result of the local public toilets petition last year with over 4000 signatures. See : This is an important topic for the future design of the station. So if you have any ideas don’t forget to get them in.  Public toilets are vital components in creating sustainable, accessible, inclusive cities. Badly run, public toilets can be transmitters of disease. But public toilets are essential as contributors to the health and well-being of society; see research reports: This is a national issue: Can Peckham show how to do it well?

Why we need more and better public toilets: these notes are from “There are an increasing number of specialist user groups, whose lives are affected by the state of Britain’s public toilets. These include people with mental or physical disabilities and their carers; the infirm or elderly; people with babies or young children and people of all ages who are coping with a range of medical conditions.
* Britain’s population has an increasingly significant ‘ageing’ profile
* Residents travel more within the country, and the number of visitors to Britain increases each year, placing added pressure on our existing toilet facilities
* Public health and hygiene, as well as environmental issues, are constantly in the news, with increasing media interest in all matters relating to public toilets
* Public toilets are the ‘shop window’ for any area or establishment – where first and lasting impressions of levels of customer care are made.”




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