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New Southwark Plan comments in TODAY 6th March

This is a reminder that comments on the New Southwark Plan (NSP) have to be in to the Council by FRIDAY 6th March this week. Please send your comments to The more comments on the same point, the more the Council might take notice. Please consider writing to give your comments on two very important ones for Peckham:

TALL BUILDINGS: the council wants to single Peckham town centre out, along with a few areas further north in the borough, for encouraging the development of tall buildings. Do you agree? A better way could be to say that any proposal for a tall building needs to be considered on its merits on a case by case basis as in Nunhead and other neighbouring areas. See here for further details:
CINEMA & MULTI STOREY CAR PARK BUILDING: this building is in the NSP as a development site (page 108), and the Council said at the Peckham Planning Public Hearings that it prefers the building to be demolished and the site sold for new commerce and for housing in a tall building. The Planning Inspector said that the Council had to do more work to examine its potential for conversion for different uses, as well as retaining the cinema. Please write in to say you support the need for that work before decisions are taken about its future. See here for more information.

IMG_5386 adj NSP


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